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Code of Business Conduct and Ethics




TABLE OF CONTENTS                                                                                                                 PAGE NUMBER

Letter from the Chief Executive Officer                                                                                                   1                                                     

Code of Business Conduct and Ethics Employee Certification                                                         2         

1.         Compliance with Laws and Regulations                                                                                   3                                                   

2.         Accuracy of Company Records                                                                                                   3                                        

3.         Public Disclosures                                                                                                                         3

4.         Protecting Company Assets                                                                                                         3

5.         Protecting Our Confidential Information                                                                                     3

6.         Conflicts of Interest                                                                                                                         4                                

7.         Quality and Safety of Products and Services                                                                             5

8.         Respecting Copyrights and Intellectual Property                                                                      5

9.         Environmental Principles                                                                                                               6

10.       Fair Employment                                                                                                                             6          

11.       Fair Trade Practices                                                                                                                        7   

12.       Gifts, Gratuities and Entertainment                                                                                               7

13.       International Operations                                                                                                                 8     

14.       Government Relations                                                                                                                    8

15.       Health and Safety                                                                                                                            8         

16.       Insider Trading                                                                                                                                 9

17.       Media Contacts                                                                                                                                9

18.       Electronic Communications                                                                                                          10       

19.       Personal and Business Information                                                                                            10

20.       Ethics Hotline                                                                                                                                   11

21.       Waivers                                                                                                                                              11

22.       Miscellaneous                                                                                                                                   12



May 5, 2015


Dear Omega Protein Associate:


Omega Protein Corporation has a proud tradition of maintaining high ethical standards in the conduct of our business.  It is important that all employees, officers and directors irrespective of position or location, understand and continue that tradition.  Simply stated, we believe it is good business to obey the law and to act ethically and, conversely, that it is bad business to do anything less.

The rules and principles we observe are published in detail in the Omega Protein Employee Handbook and the Omega Protein Policies and Procedures Handbook.  This Code of Business Conduct and Ethics booklet is intended to summarize and emphasize specific parts of those Handbooks. These rules apply to all employees, officers and directors of Omega Protein, including its subsidiaries and divisions worldwide.

This booklet is yours to keep and, from time to time, review.  If you misplace it, please obtain another copy from your Human Resources Manager.  It is also available on the Company’s website at  Although this booklet cannot answer every question of conduct that may arise in our business, it should alert you to situations that require extra concern or guidance.

You are urged to read and understand this booklet, and to alert your supervisor of any situation that might constitute a departure from these standards.  If there is any reason why consulting your supervisor would not be appropriate (such as his or her involvement in a policy violation), you should contact the Company’s toll-free Ethics Hotline at 866-421-0831 (in the Netherlands +800-228-62-842).

We ask that you sign the attachment on the next page and return it to your manager.  The Company will rely on the accuracy and completeness of these certifications.

Trust is hard to win and easy to lose.  Omega Protein’s reputation is in the hands of all of us.  We count on your full cooperation so that Omega Protein’s reputation for integrity is maintained and enhanced.


Very truly yours,


Bret D. Scholtes

Chief Executive Officer







I acknowledge that I have received and read the Omega Protein Corporation Code of Business Conduct and Ethics and understand my obligations to comply with the principles, policies and laws outlined in the Code.


I understand that my agreement to comply with the Code of Business Conduct and Ethics does not constitute a contract of employment.

Signature: _____________________________________


Printed Name: _________________________________


Date: _________________________________________


This signed form must be returned to your Human Resources Manager within 30 days of receipt of this Code.



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